Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beauty weds Edo state Governor; and Disney Saw the Future...

I remember those times I used to watch ferry tale cartoons. You know, when a Handsome looking Prince Charming will save a fine princess from a ugly looking witch, and then marry her. Or when a fine lady, usually a princess is on a curse and she needs true love's first kiss, then Prince Charming does the job and they live Happily ever after, plus a list of other stories like that. All thanks to Disney...

One of my favourite Stories back then was Beauty and the beast. It teaches high morals and such... The Pride of Gaston was defeated, and the beast was given a second chance through an act of true love from Belle, the Beauty...

But this post is not about Disney's Story. Or, not totally about Disney's Story, just related to it.

Just recently, I heard someone say "Nigerians have taste, the Governor Oshiomole has taste". He was referring to Oshiomole's wedding to Lara Fortes, the Cape Verdean Model, who's playing as Belle in real life.
In order words, Cape Verdeans don't have taste and Lara Fortes definitely doesn't have a tongue to taste anything.

In the original Disney story, Belle only Lived happily ever after with Beast, just after Beast turned back into a Charming prince, whom we still called Beast.

Wait ooo, I am not saying Adams Oshiomole is the Beast ooo! *UnObviously, I am not. I think Love knows no bound and I also think Lionel Richie and Celine Dion should have been called to perform "Beauty and The Beast" on the day of the wedding. That's a Love song, good for some weddings too...

Anyway, some persons are saying that Lara is a Gold digger. I don't think so, maybe she really loves him. I hear her Family is rich, and she's a model... She must have the money.

But, we could think it this way, anyone can be rich, but not everyone can be First Lady. Yeah. Maybe She's doing it for her record and influence... She's now First Lady Lara Oshiomole whether critics like it or not.

Benin People, on the other hand, are a particular specie of Humans. In between yesterday and Today, Lara has been said to be from these nations:
1) Dubai
2) America
3) UK
4) Holland
5) Spain.
Just the ones I've heard of.
Then, when I told one person She's from Cape Verde, She replied "Yes, Cape Verde is a European Island"...

Whatever, I wish them a Happy Married Life...

Note: Please, once again, I am not saying Adams Oshiomole is the Beast!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Thirteen Traits of Good Friends. How many do you have?

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Some people have an easier time establishing and maintaining friendships than others. And some of us long for closer friendships or try to figure out why an existing or promising relationship fizzled out. In these cases, we may jump first to judge a friend’s behavior, rather than our own. Perhaps we forget that relationships rely on mutual interactions. It is important, them, to examine our own contribution to the dynamics of a friendship. It is only our own behavior that we can change, and there are certain personal characteristics it's essential to cultivate to build healthy, lasting friendships.

The 13 Essential Friendship traits how much you agree with each statement?

1.I am trustworthy.
2.I am honest with others.
3.I am generally very dependable.
4.I am loyal to the people I care about.
5.I am easily able to trust others.
6.I experience and express empathy for others.
7.I am able to be non-judgmental.
8.I am a good listener.
9.I am supportive of others in their good times.
10.I am supportive of others in their bad times.
11.I am self-confident.
12.I am usually able to see the humor in life.
13.I am fun to be around.

These traits fall into three general categories, each representing an essential aspect of relational behavior. If you find that you disagree with many of the statements, you may struggle to develop meaningful, lasting friendships. Below is a description of how each trait influences relationships, organized by the realm of behavioral expectations in which it falls:

Traits of integrity

these qualities, represented by the first 5 traits on the list above, are related to core values held by most cultures—trustworthiness,honesty,dependability,loyalty, and, as an interrelated quality,the ability to trust others.
*.Trust worthiness is often the “make or break” element in any interpersonal relationship. Any breach, regardless of perceived magnitude, can devastate a relationship. Trustworthiness is comprised of several components, including honesty, dependability, and loyalty, and while each is important to successful relationships, honesty and dependability have been identified as the most vital in the realm of friendships.
*.Honesty requires that we speak openly from the heart and incorporate objectivity into our words.
*.Being dependable means that friends can count on you to be there when you say you will, to do what you say you will, and to be willing to stand up for friends, especially when they can’t stand up for themselves. If you are as likely to let friends down as come through for them, the relationship often becomes superficial, less engaging, and even resentment-provoking, if it doesn’t end altogether.
*.Loyalty is valued early on in all of our relationships, from the time we make our first friendships. We need friends who won’t spill our secrets to others, gossip about us, or allow others to criticize us.
*.Being able to trust another person involves being comfortable with vulnerability. If you have difficulty sharing your authentic self with a friend, it is doubtful your friend will be easily willing to do this for you.

Traits of caring

these qualities, represented by the traits listed as numbers 6 to 10 above, includes empathy, the ability to withhold judgment, effective listening skills, and the ability to offer support in good times and bad. These traits require personal insight,self-discipline, and unconditional positive regard for our friends.
*.Empathy is the ability to understand what is going on with a friend, to recognize how he or she is feeling, and to interact and respond accordingly.
*.The ability to be non-judgmental reflects our ease in accepting a friend’s choices, regardless of how they may differ from our own.
*.Good listening skills are essential to allow the communicating of intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This sharing is a gradual process of give and take that deepens over time.
*.Being supportive of others in their bad times is a defining quality of a good friend, but being supportive of others in their good times is also essential.

The saying goes, “Everybody loves a winner,”

but for some of us, this just isn’t so. If you have trouble celebrating another’s good fortune and experience envy or even bitterness, this may limit the depth of your friendships.

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Traits of Congeniality

This group, representing by the final three traits listed above, includes self-confidence,the ability to see the humor in life, and being fun to be around. This trio of traits has also been associated with overall well-being and happiness in life.

*.Self-confidence is an appealing characteristic in any friend, and may even be contagious. When we are in the company of self-confident individuals, we typically feel our own confidence rise.
*.People who are fun to be around are better company than friends who walk around with a dark cloud hanging over their heads. The former enjoy life, handle challenges in proactive ways, and keep negative experiences in perspective.
*.People who have the ability to see the humor in life help us deal with the curve balls (or spitballs) life tosses at us. We all benefit from friends who are able to keep us from taking life too seriously.

Before You Can Increase Your Friendship Quotient, You Must Admit That the Need Exists.

Remember: Everyone brings a different level of the 13 traits to their relationships. However, the very best friends offer a generous helping of this baker’s dozen. Take an honest look at your own behaviors and see if you need to raise your "friendship quotient" to raise the likelihood of maintaining the close connections you desire.


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Story: A Night with Rose...

So, John got up from his seat after studying for three Straight hours. It was about 7:43 pm now by the watch and he headed straight to the June 12 restaurant popularly called 'Blessed' to have his supper.
On getting to the counter, 

"Bros, Good Evening o.",

 he said to the waiter.

 "Hey, afa? Wetin you wan buy?" replied the waiter. 

"ehm, give me Rice, #100, with #50 fish. Put Salad #50 too, then give me one Fanta."

 The waiter began to arrange his order and John began to salivate, like a hungry man who haven't had any meals for as long as 1 month, as he stared at the beautifully displayed Food on the table of the counter. 

"No, Tail, I no like centre.", He said to the waiter, who was about adding the #50 naira worth 'Center' of fried Fish to John's plate. 

"Bros, Tail na #100 o. Make I put am?", he said out loud.

John originally  thought of saying, 'No', but when He looked around and saw the pretty high class girls there, He said "Yes, just put am". this he said to avoid them calling him Cheap. Although, in Blessed restaurant, No one actually reasons anyone... 

John took his order from the waiter and as he turned, he saw Rose, his pretty course mate. Rose had won the 'Freshest Female Student contest in the Faculty' that year and John on the other Hand was the most popular guy in their Level, meanwhile, he never had any discussion with Rose until that evening. 

"Hey, Rose, right?", John Said to Rose, 

"Yeah, I am. You're John, I know you."

"that's great, you are here to eat something, shey? You eat here often too?" did say John to Rose.

 Tina replied "Nah, not really. I just couldn't cook, so I said to myself to try this 'Blessed of a Place'... But I'm sure you eat here often, you Hall 5 buka boys"...

 "Hahaha! Yes na, what do you expect men to do?"-John...

 "okay, let me go and place my order now."- Rose... 

"Okay, sorry for... The ehm... Sorry, delaying you"... Muttered John, "ah, no ish", said Rose with a Nice tone.

So John headed straight to a table to have his meal. Then about 2 minutes later, Rose joined him there.

 "Hey"-John. Rose, without saying a word, looked at him and smiled. And started eating her food. John began to adjust himself to his best behaviour, for the pretty Lady was sitting right next to him. Little did He know She would be his saviour soon. They both ate without making a conversation.
As John finished his Food, he decided to be the Man and induce the discussion. He began to socialize with Rose who in turn gave a nice reply and kept the Conversation alive. So, it was about 8:30 now and Rose still hasn't finished her meal. 

"Hahaha, John, let me finish my food please.", 

"okay go on ahead", said John. "In fact, I'll pay for your meal too. It costs how much?" he continued, "hmm, #300." she replied. "Okay, I'll settle it." Said He.

So, John stood up and headed back to the counter. "How much you dey charge us, Bros, Me and that girl (pointing at Rose)?"- John to Waiter... "You na #300, She #300. Everything na #600"- waiter to John. "Okay."-John replied.

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He dipped his hand into his pocket, the one in the left side and held a sharp paper note inside it. He began to Recall, "the sharp Note is #100, and the soft note is #1,000... Or maybe... Ahn ahn... Mtsh"... He slowly brought out his fingers from his Pocket and he confirmed the #100 note. He began to search calmly all his other pockets, then he got to the last one, and when he could feel something like a soft paper, he smiled and brought it out. It was a paper that contained the phone number of his HOD, one he had collected earlier. He raised up his head and looked at the guy in the counter as if he had done something wrong to John. He was looking at the waiter, but wasn't seeing anything.

 "Chai, dem don move am!" was the thought in his mind. This whole scenario lasted about 1 minute, 30 seconds. He quietly walked back to Rose, who was still eating her meal.

 "Paid it, yet?", She asked...then John began; "Ehn, I'm having a bit of a hard time now. I just got robbed off my ‪#1,000 and I have just a hundred naira left with me. Do you have up to #500 with you, I'll just add it to this one I have. I'll give you back the #500 later, please..."

Rose giving him a Lady-Like look, grabbed her purse and brought out a clean #1000 note and handed to John for him to pay for them both, and asked John to not Pay back. 

"I will pay back, I must. That's why I'm a gentleman...", John said, "don't worry, I'm a Lady too, I don't mind at all. But I'll mind if you try to pay back. So be gentle, take my plate to the counter and pay our bills. (with a pure smile on her face)". 

John did this and after paying their Bills [with Rose's money], escorted her to her hostel and they Chatted as the moved. John dropped Rose at the entrance of the Hostel that night at about 9:00pm when they both exchanged Good night wishes.

John went back to his Night class seat at the Agric Faculty building, Lecture Theatre 3, thanking his stars. On his way back to night class he saw his friends who were gallivanting at night. They talked and John narrated the story to them. "So, na woman just feed you this evening, na you dey happy? If you like go chop, chop and follow for woman hand one day," Joshua, one of John's friends said as they all fell about at John's story. John hissed and walked out on them. And they laughed and teased him from behind as he left. Although, he liked as they teased him.

So, John sat down, He opened his book and saw his #1,000 arranged there. "Mtsww, Anyway, I chop free food", he said to himself...

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Monday, March 30, 2015

How much do we realise this?

We need each other... Support whoever wins... Our aim is of course, towards a better nation...

The song we all sing... Too bad, less persons realise this...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A short narrative on Acids.

Got a little acid burn while doing carbohydrate experiments with Molisch reagent and Concentrated Sulphuric acid... It's just a little burn at the back of my palm sha... Just above my thumb and it was a drop at first. I kept staring at it checking for what would happen next... I was been curious as usual been a bad risk taker... Then it started crawling and began to burn into my skin. I was now sure acid burns. Then I immediately rushed to the Lab attendant who helped use water to rinse it off and said "now your skin will peel off. You should have brought it earlier. You're lucky the acid was not much. Now you've spoiled your skin"... It wasn't the first time I got acid poured on my skin. I remember countless of times in secondary school experiments when Diluted HCl will pour on my skin and I will quickly rush to a water source to rinse it.

Not until after graduating from secondary school did I realise the exaggerations lab attendants use to describe lab hazards and In all my freshman year chemistry practicals, I was carefree. Although, with quite a sense of caution. During the last practical I did, someone tried to tell me the dangers of resting on a table with chemicals. I did try to tell her I was protected by my lab coat and the chemicals close by won't be harmful to my skin. The Sulphuric acid this time, was afar off. I have traded cautions now, my curiosity has been satisfied

My dealings with Dangerous chemicals have always been fun. I remember when I was used as lab rat to confirm the smell of Sulfur (4) oxide in a test tube after shaking it with one chemical like that. It left me with a headache for the rest of the day...
Anyway, I was burnt by acid and It was cool though...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Project 'Versity Blog...: Shopping

Project 'Versity Blog...: Shopping: A New Direction In Online Shopping In Nigeria Online shopping stores are known to offer goods and services that are cheaper than those f...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Smartest Man in the World- By Ezeozue Ndubuisi

Who is the most intelligent
person in the world's history?

The highest known is Terence Tao with a recorded IQ of 230 receiving a Masters degree at 16 and a PhD at 21 to being teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles at 24 and is now a full professor.

For More Info: Check Terence Tao

Post Shared by Ezeozue Onyedika

Is Buhari Change? By Ezekiel E. Osahon

I have tried my very best to prevent myself from commenting on the recent political haggle that has enveloped our political space in recent times. But, the more I try, the more my trying gets tiresome. Surely, Jonathan does not deserve a re-election but this does not, at the same time, make Buhari electable!

Jonathan has failed in many sector of governance, yes, this I know. But he had also done some things that deserves commendation. Even the staunchest of Buhari supporter is not innocent of this fact. Hence, Jonathan’s partial failure does not and will not in any way mean Buhari should be given a grand ceremony for the virtual ‘successes’ he promises whenever his lips meets the microphone or vice versa.

Truth be told, these two presidential candidates do not deserve to occupy any electable office in the federal republic of Nigeria, even for such a position as low as a local government chairman. This is because of their crass incompetences and ominous antecedents. Yet, if I am to vote, I would gladly give my vote to Jonathan. My reasons are personal.

A lady may be as beautiful as a mermaid yet without formal education she would never win any organize beauty pageant. You can quote that. This is simply because she does not have the ‘formality’ to occupy such niche. To be beautiful is way different from being a ‘beauty queen’. One is an attribute or quality while the other is an office. Buhari doesn’t have the educational consciousness to rule this country. I stand corrected.

Education matters a lot. For the fact that you think education does not matter, does not actually make it not matter. 

Let us look at things this way. A University graduate is presently in charge of the country and we still have these ‘mess ups’ all around. What do we expect when an SSCE holder takes charge? Hmm. If you complain that a PhD holder is allegedly clueless, then, what do you intend to comment about an SSCE holder? Buhari has no track record of leadership whatsoever. You may also quote that.

On the fight against corruption, Buharists or even Buhari himself have forgotten that this is not the military era where he can make up a roaster for his political opponents deciding whose turn to be cage in any of our maximum prison for the next ‘God knows how long’. But, hey, this is democracy!

It is not Jonathan’s fault that a minister would acquire armored cars with her official capacity and still walk about freely. It is democracy’s fault. If it was in a military government that minister would never conceive such plans except if she wants to be looked up in armored bars forever! But this is democracy. 

Everything takes due process.
James Ibori was tried for corruption in Nigeria but the EFCC lacked enough evidence whatsoever to indict the man. That’s the best Jonathan can do as a democratic leader. 

The said Ibori later went abroad where he was convicted of a different corrupt charge. Maybe Buharists wanted Jonathan to make a phone call and within splits seconds Ibori would be behind bars. Things no longer work that way. If things worked that way, then more than half of the APC chieftains would be doing their campaigns behind bars. 

APC does not strike me like a political party but a movement of angry and annoyed looters that have been put off their usual jobs-stealing. No marvel someone had nicknamed them ‘Association of Past Criminals’. The above statement does not imply that the People’s Democratic Party is free from corrupt politicians.

My point is; Buhari would be as lame and as clueless as many think Jonathan is right now or maybe worse under this same condition of democracy. Buhari won’t generate soldiers overnight to fight insurgency, he won’t pick up his riffle and head to Sambisa. So, vote for whoever you want but please stop the cry for change! All these cry about change are just simply irritating.